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    SMS Marketing

    Mobile Marketing Has Already Been Proven To Be Successful

    SMS marketing has already proven to be successful, with response rates of five times those of direct mail, according to Forrester Research. In addition, commercial launches have shown that SMS marketing of mobile data services is successful at improving customer loyalty, as well as increasing mobile data revenues, typically by 10-30%, by driving the adoption of new services and usage of higher margin services. These success rates are expected to continue to escalate with the increased usage of MMS, with its combination of pictures, text, and sounds. 

    Today, mobile phones are seen more as personal effects and a "fashion" purchase, rather than just a technology purchase. The unique thing about mobile phones is that it is always on the move with the consumer. This fact presents a unique opportunity for brands to reach out and interact with these individuals based on their personal needs and desires.

    In Malaysia, there are more than 9 million mobile phone users, which is well above the 35% mobile penetration rate (vs. total population) therefore an ideal environment for mobile marketing. And the ways of reaching out to these consumers are endless. mE Mobile Marketing services makes this possible by providing creative and technical expertise to brands based on customized mobile campaigns, content and other value added community services. These campaigns can be delivered via various mobile technology channels - SMS, EMS, MMS or WAP/GPRS. 

    PBSMS offers a managed service Mobile Marketing Solution to drive the adoption and usage of mobile data services through the rapid and cost-effective creation of customised direct SMS and MMS marketing campaigns that direct consumers to new, high value data services (e.g. content downloads). 

    PBSMS automates the process of collecting customer contact details and automating replies. 
    Use it for:

    • New product launches
    • An information channel
    • Preferential voting
    • Competition entries
    • Confirmations
    • Customer acquisition
    • Special offers
    • Instant alerts
    • Auto alerts
    • Real time reporting 

    YES! Please contact me and explain how PBSMS can acquire sales & customers for my business. Complete the form below and we will be in touch during our next business day.(PLANSBIZ is only for our Malaysia mobile gateway customers)