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    About Us

    Plansbiz Net Technology incorporated in November 2002. With the young, energetic and dedicated team of players in this company, we are committed to the highest level of quality to serve our clients better. In line with our continuous expansion, we are ambitiously in immitigable trends to upgrade our self day by day to produce more creative and flexible products. Plansbiz Net Technology is not just any regular web development company, but we are a web services provider to prepare your company to compete in this fast growing IT edge. The reason that makes us unique in this niche market is because of the strong hold to our company philosophy in highest satisfaction, creativity and quality. We are dedicated to understand our every single client better and many of the diverse needs of individuals, thus we are attuned to your specific requirements, Plansbiz Net Technology provides a custom-made website to every single client. Either a static simple HTML website or a complicated dynamic website with multiple application deployed into it, each of them represent our clients' very specific identity. Hence, our clients stand together with us in utilizing today technologies in tomorrow market place.


    What make us so different? We specialize in utilizing a wide variety of disciplines art, web design, graphic design, communication, marketing and sales, surveys, web technology and search engine know-how. These enable us to design a website that:

    - Represents your company image
    - is focus to your target audience
    - Contains right information
    - Easy navigation and usability
    - Combination of design, structure, images and text are well organized
    - Has forms, databases and other web applications- whatever's needed
    - Downloads fast - graphic enhancing and optimizing, well coding

    Plansbiz.net is a New Generation of e-Business Technology Solutions Provider. Our Technology helps you solve any of your e-commerce related problems accordingly your request.
    Our priority is to design a complete web presence that creates a positive image for you or your company. We will also offer extensive consultation to ensure that your web site reflect your images, corporate theme and policy. The job of our technical design team is to transform your idea into a visible medium easily undertake by people accessing the Internet from whole part of the world.
    If you are looking for a real cutting edge web presence with all or just a simple web site, we have help you to develop a very integrative site that really stand out. Our team of programmer specializes in PHP3, PHP4, ASP, Java Scripts, PERL, CGI, meet most of your programming requirement. Animation, integrative sale catalogues, full color graphic, background graphic, sound and video clips, can be incorporated into your web site. We will build any sized web sites - from one page to more than 100 pages or more. Most important of all, the web site must suit your purpose and budget.



    Backend Support

    Our servers are co-located in Jaring Data Center located in CyberJaya, Malaysia’s intelligent city. Cyberjaya is the nucleus of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) powered by a world-class telecommunications infrastructure built by Telekom Malaysia. It is a high bandwidth global multimedia communications platform with a 2.5 to 10 Gigabit digital fiber optic backbone.
    Combining carrier grade facilities, database is designed to provide the protection of a superior physical environment. It can withstand any disaster, including power disruptions, unexpected temperature and humidity changes and network connectivity failures. This will ensure the smooth running of your mission-critical business operations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

    - Red Hat Linux 9.x
    - MySQL
    - PHP, Perl
    - Plesk and Web Host Manager
    - Advanced Hosting Controller
    - QMail Enable Mail Server
    - iMail Mail server
    - BIND and Microsoft DNS Servers and more

    Program Support

    Our system fully design base with PHP Programming and MySql Database. We have a strong Programming team to monitor, develop and upgrading everyday.

    Strong Auto Marketing System
    - Auto Business Matching
    - System auto search members target audience
    - Centralize all members data promote on B2b, B2c Portal(s)
    - More Expose on search engine strategy on Google, Yahoo, Msn, more …
    - Centre E-Classified Publishing
    - Centre News/Events Publishing
    - Auto Mailer members Product(s) / Service(s) to others, more ….